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Paul’s Alternative Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Welcome to Beating Osteoarthritis - a website dedicated to the alternative treatment for osteoarthritis.  My name is Paul Heseltine and I have successfully overcome crippling osteoarthritis without the need for any surgery or drugs.  I did this through changing my Diet, PEMF therapy and Exercise.  I refused to undergo any traditional treatments for osteoarthritis:  I'd love to tell you how I did it and why.  Please read more about my story and join me and others in my dedicated osteoarthritis Forum where we can all share advice and ultimately, support each other.





This website outlines the 3 areas of my life that I changed and adopted, and how when combined, they helped me beat osteoarthritis. The areas I focused on as alternative treatment of osteoarthritis are Diet, PEMF therapy and Exercise

I hope you find this site both informative and inspiring. If you have any questions or would like to share your story, please visit my osteoarthritis Forum. Please get involved in the conversation!


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