Is it true: can running really help prevent osteoarthritis?

This a belief I have had for some time now, although I do appreciate it sounds completely counter-intuitive!  Through my light running activity I have seen a reduction in knee inflammation.  It may even help prevent osteoarthritis, a disease that’s commonly attributed to wear and tear.

Recent researcher at Brigham Young University in the US has seen running, and especially long-distance running, reduce inflammatory markers in the knee joints and this may delay or even prevent joint degeneration and arthritis. “It flies in the face of intuition, but the idea that long-distance running is bad for your knees might be a myth,” said lead researcher Matt Seeley.

The researchers measured inflammation markers in the knee joint fluid taken from a group of healthy young men and women before and after they ran. The markers had decreased after running, but were around the same when the same group was inactive.

Maybe that new year jog might well be a good for the knees as well as burning the Christmas calories!

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