Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy - PEMF eMats for Osteoarthritis

>>If you’re interested in trying a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy for osteoarthritis (or any arthritis for that matter) then please contact me, as I can arrange a 4 week free trial of an eMat system (UK only).<<

The changes I made to Diet and Exercise are all supported by PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy, which sometimes comes under the label 'energy medicine'. This non-invasive and drug-free therapy stimulates cellular repair to rapidly heal and improve the body’s overall performance.  PEMF assists the natural healing process and improves blood flow, increases cell activity, repairs and aids faster recovery from most soft tissue damage and best of all, it relieves people of their pain.

Electromagnetic Treatment - Electronic PulsesPEMF treatment deals mainly with prevention and should not be considered a cure.  When you consider the long NHS waiting lists and very expensive private healthcare (where one knee replacement can cost more than £7000) prevention seems a better route to take.

The thinking and science behind this energy medicine has existed for thousands of years and is based on many diverse trends which share the same philosophy, in that blocked energy can be a major cause of physical illness and mental unhappiness.  The theory behind this is that the human body is a living magnet which has currents of positive and negative energies flowing constantly throughout it.  It is thought that if we can regulate a balanced flow of energy, we would all enjoy better health.

For those interested in the science; PEMF works by 'exciting' electrons in blood electrolytes which in turn corrects the sodium/potassium balance, controlling blood pH, so as to energise all the cells in the body.  This makes the 37.2 trillion cells in the body more efficient at absorbing oxygen, distributing nutrients and removing toxins in order to assist in the healing process and fighting infections.

Through my research I kept coming across this non-invasive and drug-free treatment, and it fitted well with my focus on combating inflammation in my body.  After a lot of investigation I started to use a German/Swiss built PEMF eMat

Electrical coils inside the eMat deliver a wide range of electromagnetic energy in rapidly pulsating bursts, which pass through the body, thereby stimulating cell energy, cellular electrical activity and chemical processes in the tissues of the body.  A variable heart rate monitor attached to the ear, increases and decrease the intensity of the frequencies as it measure the body's response throughout a session on the eMat.  For a more targeted application, I sometimes use a pad or a probe device that comes with the eMat system. The photos at the bottom of this page show me using my PEMF eMat system at home, along with its accessories.

The energy the eMat delivers is very subtle.  It could be a bit disconcerting when something does not heat up or vibrate at all...you may wonder if anything is even happening.  When I first used it, a therapist ran an EMF meter over the eMat and the needle jumped about in response to the pulses.  The funniest thing is when my dog Jess lies on it, she goes all floppy as if hypnotised…it’s thought that animals are more sensitive to the presence of energy medicine than us rather preoccupied humans. 


Almost a million households worldwide now have their own PEMF system, there's an ever growing awareness and appreciation for this preventative therapy.

When undertaking my research into inflammation and osteoarthritis a few years ago, PEMF came to my attention via Dr Oz, professor of surgery at New York's Columbia University who has his own TV health show and is probably the best known doctor in America.  He describes PEMF as: 'A revolutionary cure for pain that few doctors know about'.  It is totally different to static magnets, he notes (the type used in bracelets and bed pads). PEMF he says, 'boosts circulation, cuts inflammation, and reduced pain while helping you to feel better and sleep longer'.  Below is a short extract of the show where Dr Oz discuss PEMF:

PEMF may sound off-the-wall, quackery or baffling but the ancient Greeks, Romans and Indians all used magnets for healing.  NASA is said to use magnets in its spacecraft to reproduce the Earth's environment and prevent space sickness in astronauts.

You don't need an in depth understanding of the technology to use the system, you just simply lay down on the eMat and enjoy the gradual sensation of deep relaxation and pain relief.  I use my eMat system twice a day for just 8 minutes each time.  As mentioned above, the device neither makes a noise, vibrates nor causes me any physical sensation.

It is easier to think of it like a battery re-charger for the body - the same feeling you get on the beach in summer except that you can adjust the intensity and use it all year round.  It even has functions for monitoring and reducing stress levels, thereby improving sleep quality.  The main thing is it supports the alkalising diet and exercise, helping me get the maximum benefit from those two essential activities I employed to beat my osteoarthritis.   

>>If you’re interested in trying a PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy for osteoarthritis (or any arthritis for that matter) then please contact me, as I can arrange a 4 week free trial of an eMat system (UK only).<<

As a natural therapy PEMF is completely safe to use but it is advised, those with the following conditions do not use it:

  • During pregnancy
  • With epilepsy
  • When a heart pacemaker or other electrical implant has been fitted
  • Following an organ transplant

Have you used an electromagnetic treatment for osteoarthritis? Please share your experiences on my forum! Lots of other osteoarthritis sufferers would appreciate it, and you can discuss other matters including exercise and diet for osteoarthritis.


eMat System

eMat System

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Variable Heart Rate Monitor

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eMat Pad 

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eMat Probe


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